Simon is deceased.
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Simon Vincent [a.k.a. Simon Guy, Fuzzy Boy, Simon Vincent Fatcat]

Lame and starving, Simon limped into my heart when I was visiting some friends who ran a book store. After a short visit to the vet Simon came
home and never stopped letting me know how grateful he was to me for taking him in. He was a wonderfully loving and affectionate ol' fuzzy-boy. He was always the first to make friends with a new cat to the house.
He was with me for about 15 years. He loved me and the other cats every single day of his life. He was the most giving and loving creature I've ever known.
Bone cancer infected his skull ... He was hurting. I held him in my arms and cried while the vet did what had to be done.
I loved him so much, and I always will. I still miss him.

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