Vanessa is deceased.
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Vanessa [a.k.a. Nessy, Nessykins]

Before I had had Blackjack very long I decided that he needed company. I do admit, however, that I did not consult Blackjack in the matter. Vanessa was VERY affectionate when I brought her home, until she learned that she
was not my only cat. She did not like Blackjack at all... at first. After a few days, though, they began to get along and were friends all their lives.
Vanessa had always been very loving and affectionate. She was very sweet and gentle. As other cats came to populate my home she'd had trouble with some of the more aggressive ones. I eventually decided that Nessy deserved a room of her own so the other cats won't bother her. She liked that idea very much and was quite content to have her own room, her own litter box, and her own food and water dishes. This was also the room I kept my computer in, so she often had me all to herself when I'd sit down to work or surf the web.
The morning of June 9, 1999 I brought Vanessa her breakfast and she was lying by her food and water dishes. As I knelt beside her, she looked up at me weakly and had no interest in food. I picked her up and she was clearly in bad shape. I made an emergency trip to the vet with her and he determined that she'd had severe kidney failure. He suggested that the kindest thing for my Nessy was to end her suffering. At 10:10 a.m. my sweet little Nessykins was gone.
She was the second cat to enter my life, and the third one I've had to loose. I'm finding that it doesn't get easier.

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