Amber is deceased.
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HRH Princes Alexandra Amberly Prescious [a.k.a. Amber, Amber Eyes, My Precious]

This half-grown, starving little youngster was brought to my attention by a neighbor (who couldn't take the kitten in because of an allergy to
cats) who heard her meowing outside the apartment building. Within a week or so it became apparent that she was pregnant.
Probably because of her weakened health from nearly starving, and partly because of her age, Amber delivered five stillborn kittens. I had her spayed shortly after that.
She's about a couple years old now. She's a sweet, affectionate, loving little cutie who has absolutely stolen my heart.
[30/Sep/01] Because she's so gentle, she gets very freaked out when some of the other larger cats play rough. She doesn't always seem to get that it's a game. For some years now Amber has occupied the room that used to belong to Vanessa when she was still alive, and Amber's not nearly so stressed out.
[19/Dec/03] Amber has gotten suddenly very sick. On Tuesday the 16th I took her to the vet. The next day she was much better, but still not out of the woods. On Thursday she was much, much worse. They hadn't told me, but I later found out, that she had died and had been resucitated twice. I couldn't stand to see her suffer any more.
Amber's all-too-brief life ended this afternoon at approximately 4:45 pm. She died in my arms.

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